Is your website capturing your visitors? Effective lead capture…

A very important measure of your website’s success is called the “Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate”. Most sites online average about a 2 percent conversion rate, meaning that out of every ten visitors to their site, two will contact the business with potential interest of using their product or service. What that means more importantly is that 8 out of 10 visitors to the website are leaving without providing any information for the business to follow up with.

With billions of websites online nowadays and the amount of competition a business owner has on the Internet, no business can afford to leave 80% of their visitors to end up with a competitor who has more effective means of capturing their information in their website. This is why it is crucial to have effective lead capture in all pages of your website.

effective lead captureEffective lead capture is fairly simple, what this means is on every page on your site, ideally in the top of the right column, you have a simple form that a visitor can fill out requesting more information, or the ability to ask questions through the form until you are ready to call the company by phone or walk into their store-front location.

As busy as people are noways and with a very small attention span (especially when we are surfing the Internet), you never know when someone is going to get distracted and leave your site even though they are a perfectly qualified candidate for your product or service. By offering a simple form that allows them to quickly put in their Name, Email & or Phone Number you would be amazed to see how your visitor to lead conversion rate can easily double and most likely triple from your website visitors.

See most people do not want to pick up a phone and call a business with questions, they fear pressure and feel like someone will try to sell them on something they are not ready for or cannot afford. By having a form on every page of your site, you allow people to get in touch through email which is pressure free. You communicate back and forth a couple of times by email answering any questions or concerns and then the prospect is usually ready for a phone call, if they will not commit to a phone call then they are probably not serious anyway. That type of prospect is best put into a drip email marketing newsletter that will auto follow up with them monthly until they are ready to use your product or service.

We will discuss drip email marketing for the “Just Browsing” visitors in next month’s blog article, so please check back.

At Internet Solutions For Less, 90% of the leads we receive are through anonymous people browsing through our site that fill out a form like our Quote Request Forms or our Email Newsletter that sends out specials monthly as well as tons of Website owner tips like marketing and SEO advice. 10% of our new business actually picks up the phone and calls, which means if we did not offer effective lead capture systems in our website, we would be
missing out on 90% of new business? How is your visitor to lead conversion rate?